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Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Thank you for all your Support!

We were so incredibly blessed to have celebrates our official ribbon cutting on September 26th 2019!

Thank you to the beautiful City of Yorba Linda and to all the support from our local government!


St. Luke


Our Mission

Quality Child Care

Our mission here at St. Luke Academy is to provide a high-quality STEAM-focused education in a safe and caring Christian environment. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive curriculum, enriched by core Christian principles, which will promote academic success and foster spiritual growth.


St. Luke Coptic Orthodox Christian Academy...

1. Creates a valuable link between school, church and home for its students, connecting the Gospel of Christ to daily school life.

2. Provides a superior and challenging technology-driven curriculum that includes project-based learning while promoting critical thinking and creativity.

3. Promotes Christian character development in a safe, trustworthy and loving environment.

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